Article 370 and the Constitution of India: Is the Indian government’s move indefensible?

Financial Express

Ten days before India’s 73rd Independence Day, the Constitution of the Republic of India was finally applied in its entirety to the State of Jammu and Kashmir using the very provision of the Indian Constitution, Article 370, which was portrayed by some, to be the insurmountable barrier to the complete Constitutional integration of the State with the Indian Union. While the naysayers kept citing Article 370(3) as proof of the eternal nature of the barrier, the Centre went about its job with creative, clinical and surgical precision invoking Article 370(1)(d).

By employing a two-step process to first extend the Indian Constitution in its entirety to Jammu and Kashmir, and then cement its application by amending Article 370 to reflect the new Constitutional reality, the Indian Government has showcased its ability to think out of the box and the will to execute the product of its ideation.

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