The Sovereign State Versus the Globalized Citizenship Model

In 2005, a 55-page article titled “Globalized Citizenship: Sovereignty, Security and Soul” authored by Professor Berta E. Hernández-Truyol was published by the University of Florida Levin College of Law. In the article, Prof. Hernández-Truyol narrated in some detail, with endorsement, the creation of limits over time on the sovereignty of states in general and in particular in relation to matters of citizenship… To achieve the said goal, the Professor proposed moving “toward a new conceptualization of limits on sovereignty: a proposed globalized citizenship model that draws from traditional citizenship theory, uses the human rights structure as its foundation and places limits on the power of entities, including states and transnational and multinational organizations, associations or groups, to act if the consequence is a violation of human rights norms.”

Would it be a stretch to draw parallels between the position and language of Prof. Hernández-Truyol, and the “arguments”, tone and language employed by a significant cross-section of critics and opponents of the CAA, the NPR and the NRC (let’s call it “the CNN”)? Perhaps not!

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One thought on “The Sovereign State Versus the Globalized Citizenship Model

  1. Harish

    We don’t have too many Sai Deepaks in our country.
    You are precious.
    Kindly stay focussed on core issues.
    There is no need to follow every event and react to everything that happens out there.
    Please stay clear of day-to-day politics.
    Live like the lotus leaf.


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