The Rediscovery of Bharat

The Daily Guardian

In the previous piece in this series, this author had promised to examine the narrative presented by Indic voices in relation to the indigenous identity of Bharat and its fundamental unity as the basis of its statehood, and contrast it with the treatment of such voices by the colonisers as well as the colonialised native elite. One such Indic voice, whose scholarly works mandate reading by everyone who is interested in Indian history is the legendary historian Radhakumud Mookerji.

Among his works, The Fundamental Unity of India, which was published in 1914, is a compelling read and serves as a stellar precursor to his other works such as Nationalism in Hindu CultureLocal Government in Ancient India, and The Hindu Civilization, among others. The cover page of the book makes it a point to unabashedly, and perhaps in a matter-of-fact manner, inform its readers that its contents are based on “Hindu Sources”. The introduction to the book was written by James Ramsay MacDonald, one of the founders of the left-of-centre Labour Party in Britain, who went on to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for a significant period of time.

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