Shri Ram janmabhoomi: Reconciling truth & secularism

The Daily Guardian

The Bhoomi Pujan ceremony performed at the Shri Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya two days ago has predictably evoked diametrically opposite reactions from various quarters. These reactions include celebrations by those who succeeded in proving their case before the Allahabad High Court as well as the highest Court of the land after struggling for half a millennium to secure justice in their civilizational homeland, and scurrilous allegations being hurled against the watchdog of the Constitution by those who failed to prove their case at every level. Ironically, the ideals personified by Lord Ram and valued by the Indic Civilization are being cited by those who are opposed to the construction of the Temple dedicated to Lord Ram even after the Supreme Court’s endorsement of the case of the Temple’s proponents.

 As expected, secularism has been conveniently pressed into service by the usual dramatis personae to contend that the Bhoomi Pujan marks the death of secular ethos of India. To add to this, the demolition of the disputed structure in December 1992 has also been marshalled to question the validity of the Supreme Court’s judgement and the legitimacy of the construction of the Temple in Ayodhya.

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One thought on “Shri Ram janmabhoomi: Reconciling truth & secularism

  1. Alok

    Hi Sir, Admire the work that you do.
    I have been watching your videos and Debates on the various topics and Indic Renaissance.
    I would like to know your suggestion(or guidance) on how we as a working middle class people contribute to this Indic Renaissance movement.
    Hopping to get a reply from you.

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