Dr. Ambedkar on constitutional morality

The Daily Guardian

There are quite a few myths that abound in relation to the Indian Constitution, in particular in relation to its preparation and its nexus with the Government of India Act, 1935. Contrary to popular perception which gives the impression that the Constitution is the product of a solo act, the history of the framing of the document tells us that the first draft of the Constitution was prepared by the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly, Shri Benegal Narsing Rau.

Rau’s draft was based on

(a) the reports of the subcommittees appointed by the Constituent Assembly to undertake a study of different subjects of the Constitution, such as the Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Minority Rights, the Union Powers Committee, the Union Constitution Committee, and the Provincial Constitution Committee; and

(b) the discussions held in the Constituent Assembly in relation to such reports.

By October 1947, Shri Rau had completed the task and submitted his draft of the Constitution to the Drafting Committee. 

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