Addressing transgenerational trauma through history education

The Daily Guardian

Two days ago, legendary West Indian cricketer Michael Holding delivered a powerful message on the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter movement which has taken the United States of America by storm and has started a global conversation on racism, in particular with respect to the stereotypes associated with members of the African community in predominantly White countries. While there are several relevant threads from an Indian perspective to pull from Holding’s heartfelt and deeply emotional message, following are the excerpts which this author wishes to focus on for the purpose of this piece…

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Ayodhya verdict and the places of worship act

The New Indian Express

A patient reading of the Ayodhya judgment delivered by a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court last November may lead one to reasonably conclude that its discussion on the Places of Worship Act, 1991 (“the PoW Act”) was irrelevant to both the factual and legal matrices of the case …

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Article 14: A Flawed Argument

For close to a month now, ever since the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was cleared by the Union Cabinet for introduction in the Parliament, the passionate yet constitutionally and logically untenable opposition to the then CAB and now the CAA has primarily been mounted on grounds of alleged violation of Article 14 of the Constitution…

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