Pakistan’s Alien Roots

Clearly, birth in Bharat alone does not make someone Bharatiya, since more than race or ethnicity, it is the con­sciousness of being Bharatiya that matters. As long as the consciousness refuses to embrace the Indic element, it re­mains alien, notwithstanding claims of accrual of nativity by birth…

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Why It is Wrong to Equate Legitimate Hindu Concerns With a Political Party’s Agenda

It is possible for someone to politically disagree with the BJP and still take the position that Hindus have been treated as second-class citizens right from the inception of the Indian republic…

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Indigeneity, land ontologies and ‘development’

The Daily Guardian

Most indigenous societies, until afflicted by “modernity” owing to the European colonizer’s advent, shared a sacred and harmonious relationship with nature which was not seen merely as an object of conquest and possession…

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Conversations, certitude and disagreements

The Daily Guardian

I have written 26 pieces thus far under this column, which is slightly over the halfway mark for the number of pieces I have committed to. Now is a good time to pause for a bit, think and share a few general and generic thoughts. In the process of writing under this column…

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The European origins of cultural coloniality

The Daily Guardian

While political colonialism had long been done away with, it had been replaced with Western/European imperialism, whose relationship with other cultures was the same as that of the erstwhile colonizers, namely “colonization of the imagination of the dominated”…

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The places of Worship Act 1991, decoloniality and indigenous rights

The Daily Guardian

The Bhoomi Pujan for the proposed Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is scheduled to take place in five days, marking the culmination of a five-century old indigenous movement to reclaim a site which is of both religious and civilizational importance…

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