Resisting the Silent Invasion


‘Constitutional patriotism’ is the new buzzword for anyone who wishes to divorce modern India from its civilisational roots. According to them, India sources its existence to the Constitution, which came into force on 26 January 1950. What they fail to understand is that India came into existence as a constitutional democratic republic on that date. However, the idea of Bharat long predates the Constitution and the Indian state sees itself as the successor of civilisational Bharat. This spirit is expressly captured in Article 1 of the Constitution which begins with the words “India, that is Bharat…”.

One such challenge which has been silently eating into the vitals of Bharat’s civilisational and territorial integrity is the cancer of illegal immigration. Until recently, it was assumed, albeit to our own peril, that the situs of this cancer is geographically limited to the northeastern part of the country.

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